Press Hostel

Active Holiday

Press Club Staff will provide you an interesting stay. We do several events every day or we take you out there, where anything interesting happens. You can go with us to a pub crawl, club, concert, pub quiz, river bank, water fountain’s show or for a walk around the city.

We are going to show you commonly known and more alternative, hidden places; these bustling with life during the day and the ones, that wake up only at night. You can count on us if you would like to rent a city bike or get a public transport ticket. So you have some pictures to show to your family, we will take you to a museum, classical music concert or an art gallery. You can take part in one of our thematic tour around interensting and unexplored places, as an altrernative to these from the guidebook.

If you are willing, we will show you the narrowest house in the world, best preserved skyscraper from the Stalin era or buildings that have survived Warsaw Ghetto. We can take you to all these places.